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Graffiti in chalk 'Remember Pearl Harbor' found 12/7/39

This has been in the news of an alternate kind in the States for years and years.

An odd natured legend of a synchronistic connection to an historic time that has so greatly affected us all. The place and date by month and the, "(A) day that will live in infamy" quoting President Franklin D. Roosevelt. Found by over 400 witness' two years before America declared war!

Before that time the UK was very alone against Hitler's tyranny.  Frank Edwards wrote the book with the title "Amazing Stories from America:All Absolutely True". Google his name and book title as it is still available online for a cheap price. Don't buy them all as I want one too.

Urban Legends are folklore passed on mostly by memory. Some are
recorded and make a little strange history for us to ponder.

Some catch on as folklore in strange ways. Some qualify and take years to become folklore. Some just never make the rounds. There are many prophetic, true legends and here's one from four blocks away!

Pedro (nickname),now aged 74, lives in Cincinnati, Ohio USA. As a 6th grader he wrote in white chalk "Remember Pearl Harbor", found on the morning of December 7th, 1939 on the school's sidewalk. The year was wrong related to our day of infamy, but the majority of his message to his teacher on the schools top floor was prophetic. My cousin in Seattle, Washington was in his class, and can tell this in great detail.

Here this bazaar legend is never spoken of for the most part. Many locals aren't aware of Pedro's chalk message. Most would be indifferent about it like we all were in late 39, in 40, and most of 41. Over the years there's been plenty said in magazines, TV shows, and radio. All mostly inaccurate in the accounting. Please post a note if you have seen this on The Sky Channel in the UK or Syfy in the States back in 97 & 98.

Our Chiller Channel has recently shown several Syfy Channel "Beyond Belief:Fact or fiction" shows in the last several months. That is where I finally saw it to my amazement and I lucked into the exact show called "Grafitti" hosted by Jonathan Frakes!! At the moment our legend reenactment came on the show!!    Big Grin

This is a prophectic legend that never will amount to anything but the coincidence that it is.

Remember, sometimes there's a fine line between coincidence and fate! That is an old saying for sure.

Before the release of the new Pearl Harbor movie I talked to an AP reporter. I suggested AP contact Pedro in Cincinnati for a first hand accounting. She seemed interested and had not heard about the legend. So much for her interest; she dropped the ball!  

My cousin, the actor Robert Lowery, was the radar operator in the documentary that accompanied the Pearl Harbor 2 tape set sold in the US. It is narrated by Fritz Weaver.

Our History Channel will always show our need to correct the worlds repeated historical blunders usualy of the political/military kind.  

Pearl Harbor's Commanding Admiral Husband Kimmel was born and raised 35 miles from here.

A reminder to note: Another 6th grade boy is credited with folding US paper money to create the tragic visions seen on 9/11/01.

MK Cody in Indiana

An interesting story.
However many Americans must have thought when WWII started that it was only a matter of time before they were involved in it.
Pearl Harbour was a major US naval base in 39. Maybe the boy was just writing what he had overheard being discussed by adults at the time.
Kids do these things.

World affairs were not in his mind.

Thanks Kas you make good points. The prank prone kid was very mad at being singled out for missing questions on a geography test. The message was for his teacher only and he eventually was proven prophetic in a very strange way.

It's all true like Frank's book points out. The local legendary note in white chalk washed away in the first rain.

There is a web site that explains all of this very well. But on paranormal web sites it goes over like a lead balloon.

MK Cody in Indiana

In 1989 I saw a some graffitti on a wall which said: FREE NELSON MANDELA.

A year later he was freed.



Raymond,....this legend from our town sure was uncanny....

The views are scooting right along already!  

Now comes these newspaper lines about our legend so sadly true. That was in the news from time to time. Our Syfy Channel fell all over themselves getting it all wrong.   I told it accurately on Coast to Coast AM.

Was it prophetic or just an urban legend that never really happened at all?

Owensville's Clerk-Treasurer recently received an interesting letter from a man who lives in Maryland who wondered if a story he read about in two separate books really did happen in a small southern Indiana town.

Thomas R. Shreck of Salisberry wrote the incident in question allegedly happened 66 years ago - exactly two years before the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor - which unfolded on December 7, 1941.

The incident is described as follows:

"The message scrawled in paint on the sidewalk in front of the public grade school in Indiana, was, townsfolk thought an aggravating bit of vandalism. But what did the cryptic message mean? The huge letters spelled out: "Remember Pearl Harbor'

The citizens talked about the writing that winter morning in December, 1939. What did 'Pearl Harbor' mean? They never figured out who painted the words or why. It seemed just a prank or some mindless vandalism, and the incident was forgotten - until the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor on that exact day - two years later."

Shreck noted in his letter that he read about the incident in a book written by Frank Edwards and a second time in a blurb says - "Astounding stories of strange events! All authentic - all absolutely true!"

The Town Clerk shared the interesting letter with the members of the Town Council. They found it fascinating.

This came from the South Gibson Star Times in 2005 from "Impressions " by Nick Schneider.


Again I'll add this, England was alone until this tragic sneak attack in Hawaii. Pedro's message is reported inaccurately one more time, but it was nice to see it published in the paper.

I hope he still lives in Cincinnatti, Ohio, USA. I had asked local officials for a marker to be set on the old school grounds refering to his odd writing. Since nothing positive was said about it, I added this in closing, "Yeah, I know the Toyota plant is close by. I guess you don't want any open wounds near by."          

MK Cody in Indiana & four blocks from that sidewalk in histories silent side.   It's that way to be exact.

Google Remember Pearl Harbor Pedro for more right at the top of the searched page.

Kas wrote:


I wonder where that place is.

I bet the dried cum has to be burned off the floor.  

My old saying goes; Comments, Questions or Crickets???


Comments, Questions, or Crickets?      

MK Cody in Indiana
david hobbs

What does that mean mate?

Sorry to have to ask but you lost me way back

david hobbs wrote:
What does that mean mate?

Sorry to have to ask but you lost me way back

That goes for me too just above here.

Comments = It means make a comment.

Questions = It means ask questions.

or = or

Crickets = That means if you don't reply I will hear crickets chirping.

I also liked the "ca" sound.

I have used that line for years and it never worked for me. I am seldom understood and then no one hardly ever asked questions. Therefore they cannot comment either.       Big Grin  
david hobbs

Plain language is a good idea

Right on and to me my words are easy to understand.  It must be my use of certain American words that you seldom read. I have trouble understanding things here too, but I don't mention it.

There is a member who passes my few true stories up because of length? With a total downward scan of 10" with spacing?

Maybe it's the American lingo for him too.

There was an interesting fact on QI last night regarding Pearl Harbour.
Did anyone see it?

There was one american ship in the thick of it that survived without a scratch. The americans called it the lucky ship.
Stephen Fry asked what had become of the lucky ship?

The answer was the British sunk it!

It became the Argenitine Belgrano!!

The ARA General Belgrano was an Argentine Navy cruiser sunk during the Falklands War (Spanish: Guerra de las Malvinas) by the Royal Navy submarine HMS Conqueror with the loss of 323 lives. Losses from the Belgrano totalled just over half of Argentine deaths in the Falklands conflict.

Formerly the USS Phoenix (CL-46), the only ship to remain unscarred at Pearl Harbor, she saw action in World War II before being sold to Argentina in 1951. She is the only ship ever to have been sunk by a nuclear-powered submarine.

A nice fact for the pub.  

How sad!

Very interesting Kas. I knew the Belgrano was formerly one of ours that should never been sold. We Americans either sell em or sink em.  

If I had been a ship builder of that ship and knowing all the trouble to build it, besides knowing what it when thru in WW II. I would have carried a five gallon bucket of black paint up the US Navy Department's front steps and spilled it all right there.      

War is Hell! Besides all the vengence, cultural clashing and differences in languages that don't mix. And 100 other reasons for going to war.

War seems to be an adrenalin rush for a countries politicians that can afford to go to war. When they are winning.

Malaria_Kidd wrote:
I am seldom understood and then no one hardly ever asked questions.

You don't say!

Raymond the critic....

I am seldom understood and then no one hardly ever asked questions. Therefore they cannot comment either.  

That must be their excuse for the lack of understanding. As long as I understand it others can comprende or not.

      Since you don't read long posts you have no ideas for a reply.

I do hope others have enjoyed your critiques. You never tire giving that a much needed rest.

Keep it up and I will be happy to go  

I don't know what you're saying. Something about Jambalaya wasn't it?

Keep posting your stories my friend, the others seem to be making sense of them and enjoying them.

I'll get my malaria jabs done and just pass them by.

Keep on trucking my friend.

Nope, not a Hank Williams song. It was a Dave Dudley song "Six Days on the Road"

OK starting Monday...

Cody ...  don't take offense none is intended....  it takes me a while to understand what the entire meaning of your posts are sometimes and i can just get lost ..  like i said I'm stupid....  bit i do find them interesting and a bit of a puzzle isn't necessarily a bad thing  :)

Evergreen, the voice of reason as always.

Why can't I say things like that?

MK Limited to a few...

Lots of luck as always and thanks to both of you for a vote of confidence, but I will limit the sum total of my potential that wackyjacky is familiar with. She knows it all I do believe.

Don't pass this one up without voting in the Poll. Especially if you saw this 1998 Syfy Channel original called "Graffiti" on your Sky Channel in replays of "Beyond Belief:Fact or fiction" hosted by Jonathan Frakes.  

Don't forget that Jonathan said this one was classified a "FACT".....

Does anybody remember the Charlie Brown cartoon?

Do you remember the sound the teacher made when she spoke to the class?

I know how those kids felt.

Raymond wrote:
Does anybody remember the Charlie Brown cartoon?

Do you remember the sound the teacher made when she spoke to the class?

I know how those kids felt.

  i couldn't have summed it up better! hehehehehe



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